Be a partner church.

Not every church is ready or able to be a sending church. However, all churches can be a partner church of a sending church. What does a partner church do? A partner church supports a sending church through:

  • prayer
  • encouragement
  • finances
  • people.

You can find more information about being a partner church in our brochure.

We’d love to hear from you and answer your questions. If you are interested in being a partner church, simply fill out the Expression of Interest form.

The founders of Walla Walla and Alma Park congregations in the NSW Riverina were pioneers. They trekked hundreds of kilometres by horse-drawn carriage, built bush huts by hand and founded schools. This required risk-taking, courage, tenacity and grit. As God partners in mission we are called to follow Jesus, our pioneer. The Walla parish desires to support the pioneers in our area, like St Luke’s Albury, who are pioneering by planting new congregations.

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